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Episode 3: Speed Dating With Werner & Guest Star Björk 
The cuddly side of our nihilist host. Werner looks for love 
in all the wrong places with Icelandic nut-job Björk.
Episode 2: Auto Maintenance With Werner & Guest Star Joaquin Phoenix
Our fearless host dodges a sniper’s gunfire and saves a celebrity's life, all in the 
search for the ecstatic truth of the automobile. Based on real events... seriously,
look it up. With Special Guest Star and legendary frenemy Klaus Kinski.
“I don’t spend sleepless nights over getting bad reviews”

PRESS for Cooking With Werner...
In an effort to fund his award-winning, infamously maverick films, German 
warrior/poet/filmmaker Werner Herzog agreed to host 
an American domestic television show. 
It has never aired... until now.
Episode 1: Cooking With Werner and Guest Star Jim Jarmusch
The maestro of German cinema takes us on a quest, from the kitchen to the jungle, 
in search of the perfect ingredient... and he may not make it back alive.
“I shouldn't make movies anymore. I should go to a lunatic asylum.”
Werner Herzog
The Reel Herzog:
Stuff happens to Werner. 
The stranger-than-fiction, 
real-life adventures of an existential artist 
roaming the wilderness... 
in his own words.
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“Imaginitive” - IFC, The Independent Eye
New York TV Festival
World of Comedy Film Festival
 “Spot on satire” - Tubefilter
“Beautifully captured” - Mental_Floss
“B+...  I’m definitely tuning in for a future episode”
- The Onion’s A.V. Club
“Nothing is better than watching Herzog impersonator Will Maier cook the most pretentious grilled cheese sandwich ever made”
- Paste Magazine
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Episode 4: Extreme Duplex Makeover With Werner 
& Guest Star David Lynch
Two ecstatic, pretentious filmmakers-- one dilapidated duplex. Join craftsmen Werner Herzog and surrealist boy scout David Lynch as they attempt to flip a house without flipping their lids... or ours.
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